Security Clearance Short Sale

Have you been transferred and worried about cutbacks in federal defense spending affecting your job? Have you already been laid-off? Need to downsize your house?

Don’t risk losing your most marketable job skill – your high-level security clearance! We’re here to help make sure that doesn’t happen.

In today’s real estate climate, over 50% of all property owners have negative equity or upside down. For typical homeowners, there’s a range of options to choose from.

For you, there’s only two – short sale your property or renegotiate your mortgage. And, typically, banks are unwilling to do anything except for tacking your negative equity onto a longer-term, leaving you really with only one choice – short sale your home.

After all, having a foreclosure on your record eliminates your ability to keep your high-level security clearance.

You’ve come to the right place. My team and I have completed hundreds of short sales, more than any typical real estate company. Plus, we’ve specialized in homeowners who have high-level security clearances.

We understand that in many cases, you need to work through your issues quickly and efficiently before the bank starts the foreclosure process.

It’s why the leading publications like the Orlando Sentinel feature Travis John in their articles about the real estate needs of workers with high-level security clearances.

Foreclosure is simply not an option.

When our nation looks to cut defense spending, large companies across the country are in the reevaluation of their workforce. Many people with high-level security clearances are forced to relocate or are losing their jobs. If they lose their house to foreclosure, they lose their security clearances and their hope for a new job.

Julie was in such a case. She was being transferred from Florida to Colorado and needed to sell her house. She couldn’t afford two mortgages, but being upside down $110,000 in her Orlando home, there was little hope.

She called Travis and his team at Having dealt with multiple people in Julie’s situation, Travis and his team understood they had to perform a short sale quickly.

To get the bank’s attention, Julie strategically missed a couple of payments while her short sale team worked to find a buyer. The tactic worked, the bank allowed the short sale and required only $1,000 at closing. Julie was able to move to Colorado with no deficiency notice.

Best of all, Julie kept her high-level security clearance.

We offer a free consultation just to talk about your options, the process, and how we can help you with your real estate and short sale security clearance needs.

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