Short Sale Process Overview

When you work with Travis John & Associates, you’ll be working with the most complete real estate firm in the market today. We  handle all aspects of the short sale process to move you from a financial hardship to finalize your loan and short sale issues.

Our goal throughout the process is to help find you the best possible solution and make that solution happen. However, be aware it is a very complicated and intricate process. Below is a brief explanation of our how the short sale process works.

  • Call or Complete the form on this site to get connected to us.  You will not receive multiple phone calls, you will be connected to the ONE agent who has the skills to help you immediately.
  • Introductory consultation with you: Discussion and analysis to determine all of your loan options. (1-3 hours)
  • If Short Sale, then list your home for sale and get and Offer (0-90 days)
  • Gather and send the following documents to your lender: Authorization to release loan information, hardship letter, Bank Statements, W2’s, Pay Stubs, Listing Agreement and Sales Agreement. (0-10 days)
  • Follow-up with Bank(s) 3 times per week, moving file forward to approval. Additional communication as needed with Bank’s negotiator assigned to the short sale file. On-going attention to short sale details, documents and communication with all parties. Troubleshoot any issues that arise. Review the terms of the Banks approval of a Short Sale with Seller. Successfully negotiate and coördinate mutually beneficial terms for all parties. (1-3 months)
  • Direct the closing process with Seller, Bank(s), Buyer, Buyers Agent, Title Agent and/or Attorney. (15-60 days) Many clients receive cash at closing. One client received 5% of his outstanding mortgage balance at closing, $8,524.68!
  • Post-closing quality assurance with Seller to verify that their Bank(s) have satisfied all loans and balances owed. (0-120 days)

This FREE One-on-One consultation will go in-depth with the Short Sale process. Simply put, we work with the banks to find the best solution to your loan(s).

For you, it’s easy. You’ll simply let us know what your goal is for your commercial property and authorize us to negotiate on your behalf. Then, we spend the time on the phone, working with lenders and financial institutions to meet your goals. It’s accomplished in these easy steps:

Step 1: Kick off meeting with you to set expectations and learn more about your situation.
Step 2: Decide which options work best and put together the plan of attack.
Step 3: Collect necessary documents and data, such as market conditions, building use, vacancy rates, etc.
Step 4: (If a sale is targeted) Enlist a broker who will market the property and find a buyer.
Step 5: Examine the potential sale or workout for bank-specific criteria.
Step 6: Develop the proposal for the bank on your situation.
Step 7: Present opening offer to the bank.
Step 8: Work through various counter proposals from the bank and provide any extra documentation required by each individual lender.
Step 9: Coordinate the best offer with all parties and work through the transition plans required by the lender, such as inspections, appraisals and due diligence.
Step 10: Close the deal and set you on the path to financial security.
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The Truth about Short Sale and is it right for you?
Learn the entire process of a short sale – step by step, how we position you for success, timelines, strategic short sales, who really owns your loan, and many many more.

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Skilled Loan and Short Sale Processor
Short Sales are difficult transactions but can be a great option to get out of debt, salvage credit and put a negative situation behind you on YOUR TERMS, NOT THE BANKS! Our processors are skilled in performing specialized administrative work to facilitate a short sale, discounted payoff, or settlement on behalf of the Seller of the real property. We have specific techniques, contacts and proven experience in dealing with short sales with the various lenders. Our transactions are handled by an internal team that will get this short sale approved in a timely fashion. Nationally, only about 20% of all short sales are being approved where our success is 87.5%.

Dedicated Processing Manager
Our dedicated processor has over 15 years of experience in the banking industry. Her extensive background in finance allows Sherry to successfully negotiate short sales. Sherry’s proven track record of success along with her positive attitude makes for a winning combination when it comes to choosing someone to help negotiate your short sale for you.

Make Peace With Your Mortgage