Find a Short Sale Pro

Don’t Know Where to Look for a Short Sale Pro?

We hear horror stories all the time of all the people getting poor real estate or legal representation for loan modifications and short sales. A short sale is a very niche skill set and not easy to find a reliable and trustworthy resource to provide the right advice and direction, especially without taking your money and not delivering.

ShortSale.Pro was founded by Travis John, a top producing Short Sale Specialist team in Orlando, FL. With over 50 million dollars of NEGATIVE EQUITY eliminated by Short Sale – we know our stuff!

After receiving a number of emails requesting our assistance in other parts of Florida, we saw there was a need by the consumers to be connected with professionals in their area. With so many Realtors claiming they were “pre-foreclosure experts,” many consumers were soliciting our expertise to interview and guide them to the right agent for them.

Our service is the perfect solution. We have relationships with qualified agents who we can connect you with in your area.
Best of all this service is FREE to you. The agents in our network will pay a referral fee to us at the time your property sells.

Really, that’s how we make money and it’s out of the commission paid by your lender at closing. No closing cost or commissions for you to pay. No hidden, upfront, or cancellation fees either.

Certification Matters but it’s never going to make up for old-fashioned experience –

SFR SSG and CDPE Realtors are typically the best in the business, IF, that’s a big IF they have done 20 or more shorts sales. Our agents have been thoroughly screens and have closed a minimum of 20 short sales, many close 20 short sales in a few months. They have had real world experience beating the banks and in the trenches, always with their finger on the short sale pulse. They also spend countless hours continuing to be current on the complex issues confronting the real estate short sale industry. These particular agents are diligently trained to help position you for success in a short sale, develop short sale packages, negotiate with lenders, limit risk and protect you to the best of their ability while handling your sale.

We handpick only TRAINED professionals who have the expertise and sales experience to help you sell your home. Our agents are not only the best trained but they have the most experience. Our average agent has closed at least a 20 short sales, some over 100!

Why our Short Sale Agents? 

Working through the clutter of agents who claim to be short sale experts is tough. Two years ago, virtually no Realtor wanted to work with short sales. Now, with 75 percent of all sales distressed properties, all Realtors are so-called experts.

Our network is the exception. Our firm embraced distressed properties long before the flood hit. We’ve closed hundreds of distressed properties for sellers like you.

We know what to look for in an agent and we’ll find you an expert in your area to make sure your housing issues are settled quickly and painlessly.

Why you should use us!

We understand the distressed property market. We were one of the first to embrace the distressed property market and have years of experience helping homeowners like you. We know how to help you Beat The Banks and recover from your housing issues.

Some specifics about us:

  • We are trained Short Sale Experts.
  • We take time to understand your request and assign you to the best agent for your location, situation and goals. You will NOT get multiple phone calls from multiple agents.
  • Our agents have closed at least 20 short sales, many have closed 100′s of short sales. All are certified in multiple designations as short sale experts.
  • There is NO COST to you.
  • We keep your information and request private.

What’s Next?

Here’s a list of questions to be prepared to discuss during your short sale consultation. This will help us expedite our ability to help you.
1.) Is your property already on the market?
2.) When did you purchase your property? How much money did you put down? IE: 0%, 3.5%, 5%, 10%, 20%
4.) What was the purchase price?
5.) Who is on the title?
6.) Who is on the mortgage? How many Loans? Who are the lenders?
7.) What type of loan do you have? IE: Conventional, VA, FHA
8.) How many loans do you have?
9.) Is this your primary residence or rental property? Is it occupied?
10.) How much do you currently owe on your home?
11.) Is your property subject to a Homeowners Association? If so, are you up to date on current HOA dues?
12.) Are you delinquent on property taxes?
13.) Have you tried a Loan Modification? If so, did it succeed or fail, or is it still in process? Have you missed payments? If so, how many?
14.) Have you received any correspondence from your lender? Foreclosure paperwork?
15.) What are your current monthly expenses vs. your income?
16.) What is your main motivation to move or sell your property?

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